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October 8, 2009 / Kate

what? your midwife doesn’t bring The Drugs??

Some people think I am crazy for planning a home water birth. “But your midwife, she’s bringing drugs, right? An IV? Vodka? Nothing??” When I say that I don’t want any drugs, they get that pitying look and say, “Oh honey, you’ll want the drugs, believe me.”

It’s true, I’ve never done this before. But I am completely confident in my body’s ability to birth my child. A midwife standing by coaching me when I need coaching, and intervening if something goes wrong is all I need. I want to have this baby in my own clean and quiet home with only three other people in the room, three people I chose to be there, who I know very well. I want to have my own low lighting and my own bed, mere feet away to collapse into when it is all over. I love that my baby won’t be taken from me and that the two of us will not be poked and prodded by strangers. I can go outside, take a shower, hide in my bedroom, whatever I want during my labor. I will be free and comfortable to take on the pain in my own way. I know it will hurt, and that I will need time to heal after, but it’s okay to be in pain. I don’t mind that. I am not afraid of it. It’s productive pain. Pain that will bring my daughter (or son) closer to me with it’s increasing intensity. I am excited about that.

Yesterday my midwife checked me, and I am dilated two centimeters. The contractions I have been feeling over the past few weeks (sometimes painful, sometimes not) have been working hard for me. Getting some of the work out of the way before the real deal starts. I am very grateful for the body I was given. It knows how to do this better than I do.



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  1. maria / Oct 8 2009 1:41 am

    That sounds awesome, Kate!

    And yes, you can go into the pain sensation and open up to it and help it by not going against it. Our first reaction is to try an avoid the pain, but if you actually go there, it is not overwhelming. It just is. And you only have to do one contraction at a time 🙂

    You certainly can do this. LOL, I didn’t know anyone to take pain meds for birth until I got here. We are not that stoic in Holland (well, ok a little…) but it is just a cultural thing, eh? Of course people who watch too much tv and think of birth as a medical and technological event are scared.

    Enjoy your birth, Kate! I am so pleased that you will soon be initiated in this new phase of life.

  2. Caroline / Oct 8 2009 12:13 pm

    Best of luck, Katie. I know you’ll be fine. We considered a home birth too, then decided we wanted to go to a birthing center, but the only one in the state won’t take Elizabeth because of certain health factors, so we were really disappointed about that. I hope you get exactly the birth that you want.

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