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August 24, 2009 / Kate

on doing too much

Last night my body gave me a little preview of labor! How thoughtful of my body! I spent the day dyeing towels and cleaning out/re-organizing my walk in closet, then topped it off by helping Keith and Kathy separate some young hogs to wean them. There was much pig screaming and biting and drama. I didn’t actually do much, just distract the mama sow with food so that Keith could grab the babies and hand them off to Kathy to haul up the hill to the other pen. Mama Sow was pissed. And she was trying to bite my husband. So I was whomping her with a stick and pouring grain in her trough, alternately. It was all screamy and bloodshedy. So I thought to myself, Nuggy doesn’t like this. I should get out of here. By then it was pretty much over, so I started the long walk up to the house. The cramps started as I hauled myself up the stairs. They were the kind of cramps my midwife warned me about. Not Braxton Hicks, which I get a lot these days, but real contractions. Waaay too early. I got in the shower and tried to think positive thoughts. I told Nuggy that it is too early for a grand entrance. Go to sleep. Sorry about all the screaming.

Of course, Keith got all worked up and forced me to call my midwife. She was very concerned and told me to get in bed and drink a glass of wine or beer. Normally she wouldn’t recommend this, but alcohol is a uterine relaxant and my uterus needed to relax. So I started timing the contractions and drinking a beer and reading a book. After about an hour, the contractions slowed down and I was very sleepy from the beer. I called Rosalie back and told her that everything was okay. She lectured me about doing too much. I got off the phone and Keith lectured me about doing too much.

Today, I will spend my third wedding anniversary knitting and watching old episodes of The O.C. My body is sore and I have learned my lesson.


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  1. maria / Sep 14 2009 4:49 am

    Stay hydrated!
    Glad it tapered off.

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