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July 3, 2009 / Kate

Enjoy this time!

Nuggy has discovered something charming. He is filling out my uterus and can no longer do laps like he used to. He used to try to match his Mama lap for lap when I swam in the pool. Now he just streeeetches out his body sometimes. This feels little like, well, nothing comes to mind. But it makes the places where his feet and head push against my belly feel like they are being ripped. Just a little bit ripped.

I can no longer easily trudge up the hill to the goat pasture and wrangle one doe out of the enclosure while keeping the other goats in. I used to be really good at that. I can’t haul that fence around and hike up and down hills setting up new pasture either. I think I am done with that for this year.

I am officially 24 weeks. Some would call that 6 months. Pregnancy months are very confusing because when a woman reaches her due date, she is actually 10 months pregnant. So 24 weeks is 6 months, but my third trimester won’t start for another 3 weeks. Confused? I am.

We started weaning the baby goats which means they sleep in a separate stall at night and they cry non-stop for a few nights. I find myself responding differently to a baby goat’s cry than I used to. I know in my brain that they are fine and safe and fed, but I want to leap out of bed and comfort them. At five this morning, I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and went down to milk the does so that they could be reunited with their babies. Now I will eat a donut and go back to sleep for a while. That’s what freedom means to me. Happy Fourth!

*People keep telling me. Over and over. “Enjoy this time!” “You’ll never get to sit down again!” “You won’t read a book for another 5 years!” “You’ll never sleep in again for the rest of your life!”

Okay, okay, I get it. Pass the donuts.


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  1. julia@kolo / Jul 3 2009 7:37 pm

    You can read again, that’s the perfect thing to do when breast feeding/bottle feeding a baby.

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