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June 28, 2009 / Kate

Baaaby Beluuuuga

Hi everybody! It was 105 yesterday and will be again today. And tomorrow. Did you hear that I am pregnant? I am glad that I am not 8 months pregnant in this heat, but still. Pa-regnant. We swam in a nice cool pool yesterday and today we’ll swim in a nice cool lake, so life isn’t that terrible. I do feel sometimes like I have been beaten up recently and that my feet have been injected with jelly and my insides are on fire and I wish I could poop. Pooping is nice, isn’t it? Like when you can do it every day? I used to poop every day at the same time of day and never thought about it. Not anymore!

I might feel like I have been beaten because I sleep now for a few hours every night sitting upright and sideways on the couch. Lanugo doesn’t like me to recline on my back (something about not being deprived of oxygen, blah blah blah, cry me a river, BABY). So I sleep contorted among pillows upright on my side. Sometimes with a  large orange cat kneading my hip lovingly. If I lie down flat for too long, the camp stove in my belly roars to life and flames lick my tonsils.

But! We might have a blackberry crop this year if the heat doesn’t rise above 110 or so for the next couple of weeks. You have no idea how happy and excited this makes me. Jam, pies, tarts, cobblers and syrups, here we come! And swimming. Thank you Jesus for swimming. It really is the best invention.

Did you listen to Raffi as a kid? I did. I sang the hell out of Baby Beluga all the time when I was little. Lanugo reminds me of that song when he turns over in my belly. I sing it to him loudly and off tune. It’s sad that Keith’s only memory of Raffi is watching a video where Raffi strums a guitar while sliding down a slide singing, “Penis! Vagina!” and various other body parts. I think the song was about becoming comfortable with your body, but little serious Keith was horrified. We’ll have to get a Raffi CD for Lanugo and Keith can reacquaint himself with Raffi’s less shocking side.

Well, time to go. Baby needs waffles. With whipped cream and peaches.


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