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May 28, 2009 / Kate

really, I am off caffeine

  1. Today I am nineteen weeks pregnant. Just one week shy of half baked. I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my homie: Second Trimester. Yo, you rock with a mad deep peppyness that I appreciate to the max.
  2. Sometimes I find myself talking about my very un teenage thug life in the voice of my quasi thug teenage clients’. “Aww yeah, I laid up in my crib last night and started a novel in bed, totally propped up with hella pillows.”
  3. One of the top contenders in the pregnancy questions line-up is, “I bet you eat a lot of pickles and ice cream! Seriously, though. What kinds of weird things are you craving?” The only thing that I can think of is that now I cannot get enough of Amy’s bean, cheese, and rice burritos micro-waved and doused with Tapatio. I could eat about nine of them right now.
  4. Nuggy is moving around in my womb now. It’s very subtle, but I feel him dusting the furniture and practicing Tai Chi. He is so smart, you guys. He is only 6 inches long and he can grasp things, swallow, recognize my voice, and dictate letters. We start our birthing class on Monday night, I hope I don’t accidentally birth him during the class while I am practicing birthing because then we’ll have to stuff him back in.
  5. In conclusion, I want Nuggy to be a girl because girls are so sweet and adorable, but I want him to be a boy because boys are so sweet and adorable. The end.

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