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April 30, 2009 / Kate

30 Reasons I love the Woodsy Lord

Dear Keith,

Today you turn 30 years old. I’ve been thinking lately about all the reasons I love you, and I picked 30 that I thought  you should know.

30. You do a funny dance at parties.
29. You are responsible with money.
28. You are respectful.
27. You’re not worried about appearing to be “macho”
26. Your love for your family is obvious.
25. You are fiercely loyal.
24. You are musically talented.
23. You bring me pastries.
22. You’re thoughtful.
21. You care for animals with love and respect.
20. You can make me laugh.
19. You were an adorable child.
18. You make me feel cherished.
17. You’re handsome.
16. You’re a great cook.
15. You do dishes.
14. You like to snuggle.
13. You love my baking.
12. You’re crazy about breakfast.
11. You only want good things (except for Pop tarts).
10. You’re kindhearted.
9. You’re earnest.
8. You’re honest.
7. You are the hardest worker I know.
6. The way you looked at me when I walked down the aisle toward you.
5. You are an independent thinker.
4.  You do great impressions.
3. You love to take me out to fancy dinners.
2. You refuse to go to bed angry.
1. I know more than you do what a natural you will be at fatherhood. Our child will love having you for a papa.

How did I get so lucky? Happy Birthday Love.

-Your Katy Bunkins


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  1. maria / May 1 2009 3:55 am

    That is so very sweet and inspiring. It’s Aaron’s birthday Sunday. I may come up with 40 things…!

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