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February 8, 2009 / Kate

Have you Plinkied today?

I like to let my blog languish until the readership has dwindled to 5 or so, and then POUNCE with a titilating entry about knitting and cats.

On the cat front, Templeton Von Antwerp Higgins is adjusting nicely to our household. He is very interested in the goats and goes with me when I take them on Munch Walks. His name changes daily, and we have decided to keep it that way. Some days he is Clarkson Percival, and other days we call him Merriwether. He hums a lot and that is nice.

I am absolutely obsessed with baking cookies. I would be making some right now, but I have run out of butter. My favorite right now are the french macarons from David Lebovits. I should like very much to marry David Lebovits and succumb to adult onset diabetes under a pile of fluffy, chewy, moist macarons in his kitchen wherever he lives in France.

A week and a half ago we lost our almond pollination contract. This was shocking because bringing the bees to California’s Central Valley every year keeps us in business, as it generates half of Keith’s yearly income. California is suffering from a terrible drought and many farmers simply do not have enough water for their crops. The farmer we were working with couldn’t water very many almond trees and therefore wasn’t interested in paying to pollinate them. We scrambled and called every farmer we could get ahold of and everyone told us it was too late, almonds were blooming in a week, we should have taken care of it sooner. We talked about moving out of our house and renting a trailer and renting out our house, we tried to find weekend jobs to squeeze in somewhere between farmer’s markets and our own farm work. We didn’t sleep much. Then the original farmer decided to rent our bees anyway because he is an old friend of the guy we bought the business from. We breathed and realized we hadn’t breathed in a week. Tomorrow Keith will leave at 4AM to take our bees to do their work on the almonds. Thank God.

Since we had this financial scare, my baby fever has dwindled down to to a piddly low grade flush. I realized that we are not at all ready for the responsibility of a third person around here. Keith is right, but don’t tell him I said so.


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