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December 23, 2008 / Kate

Well, we are in Portland enjoying the Winter Blast Stormaggedon 2008. Keith and Greg got stir crazy and decided to get out of the house this afternoon, braving the blazing downed power lines in front of the house to make some money shoveling sidewalks. As they were waiting to cross the road to get out of the way of the police who were attempting to stop a homicidal citizen from attacking the PGE workers, an icicle fell from from high up and landed on Keith’s head. The police, upon witnessing my husband crumple to the ground, called for an ambulance. Keith got up and staunched the bleeding, insisting that he needed no medical attention. The end.


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  1. jessmonster / Dec 24 2008 4:34 pm

    That’ll teach him to leave the comforts of home and the inlaws. Did you manage to get any shopping done the other day?

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