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December 12, 2008 / Kate

Before I turned into a coffee snob, I used to look forward to the holiday drinks at a certain coffee shop chain. I waited all year to get my hands on a gingerbread latte, or a butterscotch pumpkin mocha with nonfat whipped cream topping and peppermint sprinkles. I wouldn’t touch one of these drinks nowadays, but I’m inspired to start my own line of holiday coffee beverages. I could sell them at the farmers market.

Butternut Squash Macchiato with Caramel discs.

Peppermint-Cardamom-Hazelnut-Cinnamon-Coriander- Latte with Donut Icing “Floaters”

Iced Persimmon-Berry Surpriser with Fruit Roll Up Straw.

Chocolate Fudge Sludge Mocha in an Oreo Filling Lined “Chewy Cup”

A Super Spackler (Oreo cookie filling, Canned vanilla frosting, ground ‘Nilla Wafers)

What else?



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  1. Theresa / Dec 12 2008 4:42 pm

    You have GOT to get a job with the local newspaper:)

    See you during the hols?

  2. soytyka / Dec 14 2008 1:28 am

    Yes, we’ll be there next weekend. There are already too many people writing for our sorry local newspaper.

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