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July 9, 2008 / Kate

I am laughing uproariously about how back in Portland I would whine when the temperature reached 90 degrees. The forecast actually calls for 115 degrees tomorrow with patchy smoke. Or was that the forecast for hell? Wait, I’m confused. I just typed in the zip code for Ukiah in the weather website and hell came up instead. Yesterday it was 109 and today it dipped to a frigid 108.

The teenagers I work with are extra whiny and the animals I own are extra panty. I even hosed off the rabbits when I got home from work. Some of them didn’t even move.

All of this is made better by the fact that I now own a real grown up vacuum cleaner. It sucks up dirt on my floor. I am a vacuuming maniac. I vacuumed my counters, cupboards, and then, what the hell, I eyed my crusty toaster and turned it upside down on the kitchen floor. Those breadcrumbs vanished before my eyes and I had to take a moment to absorb the joy.

In other news, I am more of a swimming fanatic than ever. I lost my mind and joined the local Master Swim Team I now swim two or three times a week for an hour nonstop and when I get out of the pool I try not to vomit. It’s great! The coach pushes us and tells us how to perfect our stroke and my mind is filled with “outsweep! insweep! recovery!” and no one understands.


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  1. mom / Jul 12 2008 6:30 am

    So, don’t you think you should come home now? I mean …haven’t you had enough? 115 ? Is it legal to be that hot? That’s hot enough to fry a dog on a sidewalk..let alone an egg! I am so jealous of your pooooool…Today it was in the upper 80’s and I was in and out of my garden bathtub paradise 4 times in an effort to cool down and continue to function.
    Just now…I told Elijah , it was after 10:00 and he should get ready for bed…he got his PJs on and then made for the basement. I said “What are you doing?” “Nothing” and kept going. A minute or so later , he comes upstairs with a very big belly and when I ask what he has he says”Nothing! I told you!” When I repeated the question he repeated his response , but tried tolet go of his belly, which meant about 350 pieces of paper ( some of my paperwork garbage) fell out on the dining room floor. I don’t know what he was planning to do…but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to pay my bills. I love you, Mom

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