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June 22, 2008 / Kate

Remember back in nam when there was smoke everywhere and helicopters flying over and we were scared and the air tasted like smoke and fear? That’s what it’s like in Ukiah this weekend. On Friday night we had a thunderstorm and lightening struck dry ground and bam, there were 20 something fires coming to life all around us. Now they are smoking and smouldering and the air is thick and everyone is coughing as they try to write home to their mother and dry their socks. You have to keep your socks dry, or you could get pneumonia and die. Can you tell I learned most of what I know about the Vietnam War from Forrest Gump?

But really. I’ve never experienced so much smoke before. This morning we woke up with hoarse voices and it looked like a great fog had rolled in outside our windows.

Go California.

Edited to add: Check out our weather forecast for the next few days.

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