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June 11, 2008 / Kate

sting me baby one more time

Keith is obsessing about Tamworth pigs these days. Apparently they are a Foodie’s dream, and if we got some, we’d be the only breeders in the state. That would be a nice addition to our farmers market stand, wouldn’t it? You can get a pretty good price for humanely raised meat these days, too. Plus, we’d have all you can eat smoked pork butt! And bacon! Okay, I’m in.

I am deeply in love with my goats these days. Even the cantankerous Nubians. Those girls know just where my buttons are. The other day they escaped and made a beeline for my little baby peach tree and gobbled the one tiny peach that was ripening on it. Ahh! Those are the moments when I want to sell them or strangle them. But then they can be so sweet too. Ramona is nearing the end of her pregnancy and letting out little moans of discomfort constantly. She is so fat and hot, but this doesn’t stop her from doing head butt battle with Beezus whenever she feels like it, or gorging herself on grass until she looks like she will burst. That girl always eats like she’s been starved nearly to death and suddenly finds herself at a buffet.

I really hope their offspring with Che are less dingbattish.

I’ve been doing “Bee Venom Therapy” lately. This involves having Keith put an angry bee on my arm and letting her do her thing. I don’t really have any reason to do this “therapy” other than wanting to build up a tolerance to the stings. I’ve been reading all kinds of interesting stuff online about it, though. Apparently it’s a great treatment for arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome and MS. I don’t have any of these illnesses, but I figure it has to be good for me anyway. Its kinds of fun, in a weird way.


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  1. Nicki / Jun 13 2008 2:31 pm

    Ouch! I don’t think I could stand letting an angry be do its thing! I try my best to avoid them, and have been lucky(?) enough to hav eonly been stung once in my life (and that was on my cheeck while I was eating an apple as a youngster). It hurt like a nothing I have ever felt before in my life, so I think I’ve been a chicken of them ever since…hoewever, I can tolerate those much better than spiders. 🙂

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