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May 15, 2008 / Kate

Yee to the Haw

Keith has been extracting honey for the past few weeks, but the other night our friend Jon took some quality photos of the process. I want his camera!

This weekend we’ll be heading to Covelo for Keith’s great-aunt’s 90th birthday party. I’m going to get so wasted. I’ve never been to Covelo before, but I’ve heard some crazy stories. Apparently it’s like the wild west there still. Given the stories I’ve heard, I fully expect to see someone doing two or more of the following:

  • Get naked/ wrestle a bear
  • Correctly use a spittoon
  • Predict a storm with their bad hip
  • Stab their cousin for talking crap about their man
  • Shoot out the windows of the only bar in town
  • Driving out into the woods with a truckload of guns and fertilizers (we are in the Emerald Triangle, after all)

Keith says, “I hope my mom brings her piece. At least then we’d have a chance”

ALSO! My complaints about the heat, my god the heat, and I didn’t sign up for this and why do I live here? will begin early this year. It is currently 100 bloody degrees here. It’s still May, right?


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  1. Nicki / May 15 2008 9:16 pm

    You can take our high of 58 today, and we’ll take the 100! Take your camera and don’t let any great pictures pass you by! I want to see a ‘nekid bare wraslin’ contest!

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