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May 2, 2008 / Kate

Yesterday morning as I was dragged, face down through the grass by two freakishly strong Nubians on leads I thought, “I don’t really have time for this. I have to make Keith’s birthday waffles before he wakes up.” and “Note to self: do not ever purchase Nubian goats again.” I somehow bumped my way up to standing and heaved them through the gate and sprinted down the hill, brushing leaves from my hair as I ran to whip up the waffle batter for my sweetie.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to move the livestock from one pasture to the other. They run every which way, and Taz is somewhat helpful, but the Nubians are not afraid of her.

Speaking of Taz, she bit a friend of ours today. She’s always barked loudly at strangers who come on the property, but she’s never come close to biting anyone. Rose was walking up to the house with a case of wine in her arms and Taz just ran up and bit her hard on the arm. She broke the skin. I cannot begin to describe how terrible I feel about it. What do we do now that our dog has bitten someone? We have to do something. I am going to contact a professional tomorrow. Hypnotherapy? Lobotomy?

The Farmers Market starts tomorrow and we are still labeling and packing. About that. I should probably go help.


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