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April 26, 2008 / Kate


Lookie all my veggies! Who knew you could eat Fava Leaves? Not me until this Spring. Now I can’t stop. I’ve been making this killer fava leaf and wild rice salad.

So far in 2008 we’ve got favas out the yang, snap peas (so sweet and delicious), garlic (not quite ready yet), and some chard still hanging on. In the herb department, there’s thyme, oregano, parsley, mint, rosemary, and lavender. I’m on the lookout for some lemon verbena let me know if you live in NorCal and you have some. My local nursery keeps giving me the runaround.

Germination is going much better this year, my bathroom slash greenhouse is performing, and I have lots of tomato, basil, squash, melon, cucumber, etc plants that will be ready to plant out soon. Keith and I have been arguing about when to plant out. I say May 15th. He says June 1st. It might get physical.

To till? Not to till? This is also up for debate.

Farmer’s Market starts a week from today, and I am frantically labeling things that need labeling. Soap, honey containers, egg cartons. Thank goodness it’s starting next week because we have an egg situation. I’ve got eggs everywhere. I can only have so many fritattas.

The lambs are gigantic and still butt my hands to see if they will magically let out milk even though they’ve been weaned for about a month.

Marrit is giving a gallon of milk every day since I started separating her kids at night. Beezus is slowing way down and I’m sad because I like Nubian milk the best. I wish she had gotten pregnant. I think she didn’t because of the poisoning accident. Ramona is due in August.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is Pascha. I’ll be leaving for church tonight at around 10PM. Why do we Orthodox roll this way? Who starts a church service at midnight? Paschal festivities don’t jive well with farm activities. I wish I could sleep on the floor during the service like I did as a kid.



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  1. jessmonster / Apr 27 2008 12:25 am

    Why not sleep on the floor? Sometimes I’m tempted to roll under one of the pews, like the old days. I often have the urge to nap on the floor at church…

  2. cuz / Apr 30 2008 2:48 am

    What is Pascha?

  3. soytyka / Apr 30 2008 2:58 am

    Pascha is Easter in the Eastern Orthodox Christian world

  4. cuz / May 1 2008 2:32 am

    Isn’t one Easter enough for you people? You already get twelve days for Christmas.

  5. Kate / May 1 2008 4:10 pm

    Um, yes, one Easter is enough. We only have one.

  6. cuz / May 2 2008 2:10 am

    …oh. Well, then I retract my exasperation.


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