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April 19, 2008 / Kate


There is so much to say and so little patience for organizing sentences and paragraphs! You will suffer from my impatience!

I went on a two week vacation during the busiest time of the year for farming and beekeeping. Who knew? Whoops!

I seem to have my own little mild stalker! Check him out! He’s commented on many of my Flickr photos of the trip to Mexico. I’m not sure what he wants. Except, “its gr8..which place..can i request for this.”

Keith is being stalked by another beekeeper! It’s not cute or funny at all! I’m not sure I should be writing about this here!

I’ve been home for two weeks and I realize I haven’t updated, but I am trying to keep plants and animals and humans fed and watered over here. Sorry. And laundry. You could germinate vegetable seeds on my bathroom floor. I’m actually germinating vegetable seeds in my bathroom, come to think of it.

I’ve drunk one and one sixteenth beers and I’m feeling tipsy!

Okay! Mexico recap in a run on sentence: The city of Guadalajara is loud and dirty and noisy! Manzanillo is adorable, drunk sweaty frat boys on spring break are amusing, I fainted in an iguana museum, Ajijic is the best town.

I don’t feel like making for the quality blog entries. Please look photos.


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