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March 21, 2008 / Kate

first world problems

Here in Ukiah, I occasionally get the urge to enter an establishment and order a beverage that is delicious and acceptable. This seems like a relatively easy thing, but in Ukiah, every beverage tastes terrible Ukiah is a barren desert of bitter or sugary coffee drinks, unstructured beer, stale tea, chemically tasting water. I sometimes bring my Kleen Kanteen  into restaurants I know to have particularly nasty tasting water.

In Portland, everywhere I went I was blessed with a plethora of delicious beverage choices. We’re talking your ciders, beers, your dry sodas, your fresh teas, your fresh, correctly brewed coffees. I am talking quality, folks. I sometimes want to fly to Portland just for a latte from Stumptown or to stock up at the Tao of Tea.

I’ve essentially quit drinking coffee unless I go the the Bay Area, and I just drink a little tea we have scrimped and saved from our various trips to lands with good tea.  I feel so trapped! SOS SEND TRAINED BEVERAGE PROFESSIONALS.

In conclusion: I am a hopeless snob.


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