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March 7, 2008 / Kate

Everything you know about DVD…

…just got a whole lot more DVD…ier.

NASCAR. What does it stand for? Is it an acronym? I’ve been thinking about NASCAR a lot lately. The glimpses of the races that I have been privileged to have seem to be all the same. Yes, there is the interminable roundy round of the Advertisement Cars, but there is also this: White Guys Telling You What They Know About Stuff. We all have have these White Guys in our lives who like to tell us What They Know about, well, anything really. Whether or not they really do know. These are the most entertaining kind. I work with one of them. Yesterday he was expounding about poetry and said he knew Ukiah’s “Poet Lariat” from last year. I suppressed a giggle and wondered if there was a contest in which one recites poetry while lassoing unsuspecting audience members. Or like a rodeo poetry slam.


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  1. Bronwen / Mar 7 2008 3:41 am

    Perhaps I should start practicing, in case this event is taking place next time I visit

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