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February 4, 2008 / Kate

While the husband is away, the wife will paint

When Keith and I put our house together and decorated, we saved the bedroom for last. Then we lost our momentum. I got mine back and was ready to paint the bedroom and put things on the walls long before Keith. Actually, he still groans when I talk about finishing the framing around the windows or adding a porch to in front of the Door of Certain Death.

Keith went to Tahoe with the members of the member gender club this weekend, so I took it upon myself to pack in 3 days of painting and cleaning up after myself. In secret.

“What are you up to?” Keith would ask during our hourly phone call. “Oh, you know, cleaning the house, and hanging out and whatever” I lied, as I surveyed our trashed bedroom and picked at a large spot of paint that had dripped onto the floor. “Why did the phone only ring once and the go straight to voicemail?” The phone had been unplugged because I was painting the wall behind our desk. “Oh, I am just cleaning behind the desk and it must have jiggled loose”. This lying thing was fun!

I got everything done and cleaned up and now I just have to wait to see what he thinks when he walks in the door tomorrow.






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  1. Lunasea / Feb 4 2008 6:01 pm

    Oooh! Purty!

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