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January 16, 2008 / Kate

mah ballessings

We just had a kick ass house/farm blessing. Fr. Lawrence from the church we infrequent in Santa Rosa drove up armed with retrofitted prayers for all our blessing needs. He had a beehive blessing (“may they (the bees) be fat and the hives filled with sweet honey and honeycomb”) and one for livestock, the chickens were like, “Fuds! Oh no, wayt, not fuds. Watr skwirts” and the goats were all, “Huh? Nom Nom, Hay”.

Taz was frightened of the man in the robes and wanted to bite.

I just realized we forgot to have him bless the rabbits. Now they will be cursed to live out their short lives in one-eyed freakitude. The meat probably would have tasted better if he had sprinkled a little holy wata on them. I think Mario Batali recommends it at a mellowing agent.

Anygüeys, we were grateful.



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  1. cuz / Jan 17 2008 8:19 pm

    Anything I write here will detract from your experience of the following link.

    Here you go:

  2. cuz / Jan 20 2008 3:35 am

    Also, because I know your into that whole “Jesus is my Home Slice” thing, I thought you might enjoy this. I lolled.

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