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December 30, 2007 / Kate

Oh noes! We’re out of honey! (Just kidding) FREE WRITE

I’m enjoying a holiday ale, so this should be fun.

Keith made dinner tonight with some smoked salmon (don’t feed the leftovers to the dogs, it may kill them) in pasta. The wine he opened to go with it tasted like asparagus and kiwis. This led to a discussion of white wines from the southern hemisphere and their tendency to taste like urine. I thought that was a bad thing, but Keith says some people like it. Whoa. They actually want to drink urine. With dinner. They think, “this tastes like piss, I like piss”.

In other news, three of our five oops rabbit babies are missing an eye. “I only have one eye because daddy was my brother”. They seem to be fine, though, they just look creepy. Photos to follow.

Keith is beekeeping full time now. That means he’s building beehives in the wood shop and stapling his digits together. I bought him a pair of carhart pants for Christmas to honor this change, and he’s worn them every day since with a different “farmer joe” shirt.

I built a cold frame. No really, I did. Using old scrap wood and a broken window and bent nails and a borrowed hammer, I built a working cold frame. Yeah baby. I put some freaking broccoli seeds in there to germinimate today.

In OTHER NEWS! My ale is now gone and I am drinking fremented (typo! butt I’m leaving it~!) asparagus juice.

The goats are pretty much all dried up real good. Beez is still producing a cup a day or so. We are sad to see the milk go. Did I mention they are all pregnant? Oh yes. They are expanding and whiny. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I’m making lots of baby booties for the 10098907 women in my life who are pregnant right now. Not that I’m jealous or anything. I’ll post photos if I remember. I made 11 Christmas stockings and gave them away and didn’t take a single photo of them. That’s how I roll sometimes.

I’m bored. Let’s watch a movie.


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  1. cuz / Jan 3 2008 6:55 am

    So… if you eat one of the mutant oops-babies, do you gain a mutant power? Like, can you shoot laser beams, but they only come out one eye?

    The great thing about inbreeding is that you don’t need as many stockings come Xmas time.

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