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October 16, 2007 / Kate

Chez What?

This week, I gave myself two challenges:

One: to make every dinner this week from Chez Panisse: Vegetables

Two: Use only local farm ingredients (with the exception of salt, flour, and butter)

On Saturday I made Keith mind the booth at the market while I loaded up on some of the provisions I failed to grow myself this year, and started looking up recipes.

Last night I made a Chard Gratin that made me whimper, it was so good. I used chard from our garden, homemade bread crumbs from homemade bread, and goat milk. The garlic was from the farmer’s market. We ate it rather quickly before I thought to photograph my creation. Never fear, I will be making it again soon.

Tonight’s adventure will be a leek tart. I’ll have my camera on hand.



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  1. Taylor / Oct 17 2007 6:22 am

    chez feigin…

  2. maria / Oct 17 2007 8:54 pm

    no local butter??

  3. jessmonster / Oct 21 2007 9:42 pm

    Where are the pictures?

  4. soytyka / Oct 22 2007 4:29 pm

    to your left.

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