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September 8, 2007 / Kate

Soap of the month club

  • I just finished reading Behind the Scenes at the Museum. And while I recommend the book, I don’t recommend borrowing the copy that lives at the Mendocino County Library. It has a strong vitamin-y smell. Every page you turn send a poof of vitamin air into your face. I can smell it now as I write this, and every time I think of the book. What? Did the person who borrowed it last read it while taking her vitamins every morning? Did she store it in the vitamin cabinet? Did she work at a vitamin store? Who are these people?
  • I’ve also had the experience of reading a book saturated in strong perfume. Speaking if perfume, I hate it. I hate smells that don’t actually occur in nature. It probably had a dumb name like, “Fevressense” or “Haggis: For Men”. Hang it up, perfume. I’m over you.
  • I went on a dying binge yesterday and now have a chair cover, shorts, pants, and rug that all match. You should do this too.
  • Today was a record breaking soap day at the market. I am extremely pleased. A lady came up to my booth and said, “I’ve been hearing about you, and I came to try your soap!” YES. MA’AM.
  • On Thursday, Keith got a call from someone at Public Health (the umbrella sheltering the parasol of the organization I work for) asking him to please come remove the 200,000 bees swarming in a Redwood Tree outside the building. After work, we suited up and drove over there. Keith had to drive the truck right up under this massive tree, and we placed a ladder on the bed of the truck. (Don’t try this at home. Or at work.) and he climbed up first, holding a very heavy hive box, while I climbed up behind him with a hoe. Sounds like the beginning of a tragic story. He teetered and I yanked and the bees got very angry. We gathered quite a crowd of my coworkers. We’re sweating in our suits in a cloud of bees and people are calling out questions. “How many bees is that?” “What are you doing now?” “Which one is the queen?” Uhhh, that one. It took a long time, but we finally got the majority of the bees knocked into the hive box, and took home our new free hive.
  • And I’m spent.

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  1. jessmonster / Sep 11 2007 6:11 pm

    I’m glad you liked Behind the Scenes, but not that it smelled like vitamins. Now if it had smelled like a health food store, that might be okay. That’s a good smell. This is the second time that I’ve recommended a book and someone has gotten a copy with a bad smell.

    I’m coming to try your soap.

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