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August 15, 2007 / Kate

Where do I begin?

I’ll make silly little topic headings. That will help.


We’ve all been there before. It starts out innocently enough. You are hanging out with friends, eating good food and enjoying laughter and wine and stimulating conversation. You feel giddy and adventurous. You feel exhilarated. Someone brings up the topic of brain scans. You turn to the one you love and it just feels right. Let’s go get an MRI at the medical imaging lab at Stanford University at 1 AM!

Don’t get on your high horse and tell me you’ve never done this. You know you’ve gotten a little tipsy and crawled into the nearest MRI scanning tube thingy and had high resolution images taken of your brain. We’ve all been there.

I feel good about it, honestly. I have no regrets. I feel as though my brain and I are better aquainted. I’ve seen a detailed image of it’s every cortex fold. It looks very shapely and handsomely put together, actually.


Well, we ate at Chez Panisse and now its over. We don’t have that to look forward to anymore, so what is the point of going on?

Those people could make a Cormorant beak stuffed with raw cilantro taste like heaven if they wanted to. I didn’t think I liked figs until I had one wrapped in pancetta and baked in duck fat. My appetizer was basically old soggy bread in old soggy tomatoes and it was the most amazing soggy bread and tomatoes I have ever eaten. Keith and I would take turns outdoing one another with the most embarrassing eye roll/groan/lip smack combination. So cliché.

This morning on the drive home, I kept hearing a burp, and then “Mmmm….Chez Panisse…” coming from my husband. That pretty much sums it up.


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