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July 31, 2007 / Kate

The kind where the brownies come with warning labels

Saturday night we went to a Mendocino County style costume party in the woods. The kind of party where there is no bathroom and the host is still putting the finishing touches on his art installation project as guests arrive. And then he disappears for the remainder of the evening. The theme was Zoolander, so I went as an Orange Mocha Frappuchino, natch. Keith wore some of my clothes and went as a male model.

I was the DD, so I stayed sober. This was kind of a drag, except that I got to overhear some amusing conversations. One man cornered a couple and spoke of the benefits of living life as a hermaphrodite. A close talking stoner leaned in and loudly told us about a new delicacy he’s been enjoying. “Like you take a chocolate peanut butter cup, right? And then you like take some leftover tempura batter from when you like made tempura shrimp or whatever, and you like DIP the peanut butter cups INTO the batter and totally deep fry those babies until they’re all melty and oh my god they are soooo awesome.”

So I sipped a warm Coke, stepping out of the way of the drunks and occasionally adjusting the straws in my hair. I danced to the music in between generator failures¬† All in all it was a nice evening, although I wish we’d stayed for the walk off.


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  1. Cuz / Aug 4 2007 11:32 am

    Hey, there, cuz. This post reminded me of this comic. Because I am usually (always) the designated driver, I laughed until I peed. Here’s hoping you do the same.

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