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July 24, 2007 / Kate

The Heat is on Fire

I’m roasting and so is my dinner, so I thought I would share some sharing time with you.

Beezus is screaming outside my window, wanting to be milked. There. I milked her. Now I’m back. What was I saying?

Oh yes. Today I got so fed up with my hair, I chopped it with some sticky dull scissors I found in a drawer in my kitchen. It actually doesn’t look that bad. No really. Whatever. I mostly interact with livestock and juvenile delinquents anyway. And Keith doesn’t care what my hair looks like.

Man, am I tired. This farming stuff is not for the lazy. I debuted my soap at the farmer’s market and sold way more than I thought I would. That means I need to up my production like, 3 weeks ago. I was nervous about it. I thought no one would like it, but they were all stacking up bars in precarious towers and handing me large bills.

I’m so tired I can’t even bother to put salad dressing on my salad. Just shovel handfuls of lettuce into my mouth and crawl into bed. Scratch that, I’ve got bread in the oven. Maybe I’ll sleep by the stove for a little while. The floor is sort of cool.

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  1. Taylor / Jul 25 2007 2:27 am

    you are the soap wench of the farmers market.

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