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June 16, 2007 / Kate

Lump free guarantee

Every couple of weeks I check my account on the library’s website. I make sure the books I have out are not overdue. Today I saw that I had one out that was due in three days! Don’t worry. I renewed it. No fines for this girl! Now it’s time to stab myself with another fork.

Now that we have two gallons of goat milk entering our refrigerator every day, we need an emergency milk using plan in place. Quiche, pudding, and ice cream are our staples. We eat a lot of cereal. And things with buttermilk in them.

I wish I could get the milk to turn into yogurt, but so far it hasn’t worked. The ice cream we are making is so creamy and slurpy and delicious, I ate some for lunch today. Riding my bike to work every day PLUS eating a gallon of ice cream every day cancels itself out. It is a perfectly balanced equation in the Maths of Life.

I purchased two new lady rabbits Wednesday and put them in the cage with the ecstatic daddy rabbit only to come back the next morning to find one of them missing. That’s what I get for buying rabbits from a magician. But seriously. Where did my 12 dolla mama go? How did she up and disappear? Why didn’t the other two follow her? This farming business is nothing but trouble. The lady that’s left better have a working Conceiver or I will be even more upset.

Kathy thought she heard the magic rabbit squealing under the deck and Taz ran out and the squealing stopped. She called me over, but we didn’t see anything under there.

Sorry, I just fell asleep for a moment.

Tonight we will attend a barbeque! And I shall bring a dessert!

Whatever, the end.



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  1. jessmonster / Jun 18 2007 7:20 pm

    What about cheese? I wish I could help you with all that ice cream. Say, what are you doing the first week in October?

    I’m so glad you’re staying on top of those library books.

  2. tyka / Jun 19 2007 12:54 am

    Cheese is hard, and I needs me a teacher. I will get to that at some point. First week in October? Same thing I’m doing now. Why? You up for some goat time?

  3. jessmonster / Jun 19 2007 6:11 am

    Barbara Kingsolver says that cheese is not hard. At least, cow milk mozzarella. Boy am I ever up for some goat time! I’m 99% sure I have the week off, and I’m hoping for a whirlwind tour of Northern California.

  4. Sydne / Jun 21 2007 2:55 pm

    Go to the New England Cheesemaking site ( and order the direct set chevre, fromage blanc, or fromangina. Cheesemaking has never been easier (while you are at it, order a package of cheesecloth), I make a pound of cheese every day, it takes less than 24 hours from milking to edible. Just do what it says on the package.
    BTW jessmonster, I’ve never been able to make edible mozzarella using my goat milk. But my fresh cheeses made with the cultures above come out great every time.

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