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June 9, 2007 / Kate

If the cat had pooped in Keith’s car, he would have left it in there too.

Since we got the truck, we need to sell Keith’s car. We switched cars so that he can drive mine to work and I can keep his in town to do all the necessary work on it to get it ready to sell.

Operation “Where’s The Floor?” commenced today. I found the floor of the car under 500,000 Wells Fargo ATM transaction receipts dating back to 2005. They were under the frisbee, the corkscrew, both pairs of shears, and nine half empty water bottles. Nine.

A few months ago I agreed to go somewhere in Keith’s car, only to regret it immediately upon getting inside. “What’s that smell?” I asked as I pushed a path through the garbage to find my seatbelt. “What smell? I don’t smell anything” said Keith. Well, I think it was either this,

or this.

Why yes, it is a potato. If Keith had ever gotten stuck in the middle of nowhere without food, he could have planted a potato garden and made himself some wine out of the rotting mystery fruit under the seats of his car.

I actually worked up a sweat prying up the 64 pennies that were glued to the bottoms of the cup holders with 9 years worth of Yerba Mate. I used this pronged thingy I found.

Any guesses as to what this is?



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  1. Keef. / Jun 9 2007 10:58 pm

    Wait until you see what I can do to the new truck, baby!

  2. Lunasea / Jun 10 2007 5:58 pm


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