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May 29, 2007 / Kate

good things come to those who wait…

…and bad things come if you don’t. Or if your body doesn’t. Beezus went into premature labor today and gave birth to two perfectly beautiful tiny babies. The labor lasted literally 20 minutes from water break to pop-out. The babies were lovely, but too small. The first one lived under a minute and the second one held on for nearly half an hour. Poor Beez licked and licked them, but their lungs are too small, and they couldn’t really breathe on their own. They were so adorable and tiny.

The only reason we can think of for the premature birth is that Beezus ate something poisonous. Sometimes this happens when the mother eats something she shouldn’t. We moved their fence onto new pasture today and they spent a good chunk of time roaming around, eating whatever they wanted. Shortly after we put them in their new pasture, she went into labor.

This weekend has been a frustrating lesson on the harsh side of farming. These things happen, and we have to just accept them and move on. It’s hard not to get discouraged, especially since we spent 150 bones getting Beez and Mones knocked up, but we now know what a gamble it is, and will do things differently next year.

Ramona is still healthy and hugely pregnant, we have that to be thankful for. The garden is finally taking off, and the baby bunnies will survive the loss of their mother. We will still see the benefit of our labor throughout the summer.


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  1. Taylor / May 30 2007 1:43 am

    How sad. What a traumatic weekend. I can’t wait to meet Ramona’s babies and the new crew of bunnies.

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