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April 8, 2007 / Kate

We need an intervention

Now that we’ve expanded our sheep and goat herd to such enormous proportions (two of each), we realized it was absolutely necessary to obtain a herding dog as soon as possible. Allow me to introduce Taz, the newest member of our ridiculous Jolie-Pitt conglomeration.


Taz is a McNab herding dog. A breed that originated right here in Mendocino County. We thought we’d shop locally for our next animal. She is a very talented pup with herding skills that extend beyond sheep and goats. Just this weekend she successfully herded domestic meat rabbits, honey bees, sheep, goats, chickens, and a Scottie dog. She also fights crime. She is a total sweetie and quite smooshable. The best quality that Taz possesses is the fact that she WON’T RUN AWAY. We tell her how much we love this about her constantly in front of Mollie thinking she might get the hint. So far she is not impressed with Taz. She returns Taz’s bids for affection with crotchety growls and looks of disgust.

We got Taz from our friends Jon and Julia. They are super hardcore goat ranchers and Taz didn’t make the cut as a top herder. They needed to pair down their dog population, and we “needed” another dog. So here we are. Our family is growing.



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  1. jessmonster / Apr 9 2007 3:53 am

    She certainly looks smooshable. I would totally pet that dog. I hope old maid Mollie can adapt.

  2. maria / Apr 9 2007 7:22 pm

    Poor Mollie, she is not even gone yet!

  3. mclargehuge / Apr 11 2007 6:55 pm

    taz looks schweet!

    hardcore goatherding! awesome.

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