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April 1, 2007 / Kate

This is what happens

Last night we drove our tired asses to SF to take in a Asylum Street Spankers show at 12 Galaxies. Save yourself some money and don’t ever go there. It was oversold and hot and crowded. You couldn’t hear the band very well unless you were under their noses. I lost count of the times I was kicked by a swaying patron attempting to reach the bathroom, and the people next to me kept getting beer dripped on them from the balcony. NICE. The Spankers didn’t seem to be having a good time either, the stage was cramped and hot. Whatevs, they are professionals and still played a great show.

This morning we attempted to find an Orthodox Cathedral where this amazing dude is totally buried in the basement, but we ended up getting lost and there was lots of yelling and we finally gave up and went home. So it was basically like every other trip to SF. Happy Palm Sunday! Will someone mail me a Hot Cross Bun?

Can we talk seriously about how lovely it is to wake up from a nap and realize that the cure to your post nap suicidal tendencies is homemade popcorn popped in coconut oil? Perhaps with a hint of lime juice sprinkled on top? Can we? Because you need to know that Buttery Lime Coconut Popcorn is the Best Thing that has happened to me today.

What if people started naming their children after cell phone brands? I’m sure some people already have. “Kyocera, Nokia you need to apologize to Vonage and Cingular for making fun of them.”


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