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March 17, 2007 / Kate

New life and all that

If you are going to have to survive something devastating, it’s best to get it over with during spring time. The world is bursting with new life, and there is a lot to cheer a person up.

We have baby bunnies with their eyes screwed shut, and their little mouths sucking on their own feet. It is hard to get a decent photo of them on account of their squirmy-ness.

Then there is the bathroom slash greenhouse where we are germinating all manner of tasty summer delights.

We also stuck a bunch of eggs under a broody hen, so if all goes well there will be some fresh hot chicks on their way soon.

I heard on the radio that a guy was giving some Navajo sheep away, so my friend Julia and I will be saddling up and heading to the coast to pick us up some, Brokeback style. Sans bloody fistfights ending in passionate kisses. We don’t like violence.

My family is going to be okay. And life is still pretty damn good.


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