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November 12, 2006 / Kate

Morning Has Broken

We had every intention of getting up for church this morning, but it didn’t happen, and I was disappointed. We woke up way too late to make it. That’s the problem with living an hour away from your church. You can’t just make a mad dash when you sleep in and make it before the sermon.

“Well, why don’t we talk about Jesus over coffee?” My helpful husband suggested. We might as well join something like this.

The couch is magnificent. It’s also huge. We had to shout at one another last night while watching a movie, and when it’s foggy, I can’t see Keith at all if I am sitting on the Chaise, and he is reclining in the built in recliner on the other side. It gets foggy a lot in our house this time of year. We like the couch anyway because Mollie, Keith and I can all lie spread out and there is still room for a fourth being. Before we were all scrunched up on our Ikea couch when we watched movies.
I had the movers set it up on one end of the living room, but it was too close to the fireplace, and one end was threatening to melt, so Keith’s mom, Kathy and I switched it around, and it looks nice this way too. Jess asked me what the couch was made of and I told her it was made from the skin of baby elephants. Which it is. Free range baby elephants. Don’t trip.

Now I shall make some coffee and doughnuts and open our doors to the masses. We will talk about Jesus. Maybe we should continue to have Spanish Night on Thursdays, but add Jesus Night on Sundays. We would limit our conversation to Jesus Topics. I bet people would cheat, though, and say things like, “Did you see the new Borat Movie? Jesus would have loved it.”

Speaking of Borat. We are going to see it tonight with some of our new Krew.


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  1. Bronwen / Nov 14 2006 2:14 am

    My blog just got a google search hit for “cilantro tingling feeling.” I just felt I had to share that with you.

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