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October 7, 2006 / Kate

I googled “elephants raping rhinos” for you people. That’s love.

What is the world coming to when young elephants become gangsters and begin to rape and kill rhinos? Huh? Endangered White Rhinos no less? It’s not like the poor fellas didn’t have anything to worry about, and here come these ripped, angry elephants sporting tatts and bandanas to rape them. Can you imagine being raped by an elephant? That is not a good way to go, my friends. Surely these must be the end times.

And if you weren’t pissed off enough, here’s another sign of the end of something, if not the world, at least democracy. What are we going to do about this? It’s time for a revolution.

Serenity now.

I’m excited about the three day weekend coming up. I get Columbus Day off, people. It’s not even a real holiday! And I don’t have to work! Are you mad at me? Good!

I like that in my new home, it’s no big thang to see two young deer grazing fearlessly out my kitchen window, and wild turkeys ranging in the front yard, practically begging to be sliced up for Thanksgiving.

A bobcat ate three of our chickens last week, (I secretly think it’s kind of cool: Death by Bobcat has a nice ring to it) so we are in mourning. We’ve shrouded the windows, and put on our frumpiest frocks. The Bobcat (ee!) killed our best cock, too. Man it was a big cock. What a beaut. Keith loved that cock.

Maybe I should quit while I’m ahead.

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