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September 27, 2006 / Kate

I got diamonds in my grill, you can’t tell when I’m grinnin’?

Hokay. So.

  • Our internets broke and continue to break on occasion. This causes frustration and piled up blog entries that need to be read and written.
  • Keith and I had a dance party the other night all by ourselves. It made me miss the dance parties we used to have with the old crew in Portland. Speaking of the old crew, how are you all? I’ve been a bad friend and not kept in touch too well. Good thing I’m coming up to see you all in person this weekend. That’s right bitches. The Tyka’s back in town. For 2 days.
  • I recently made the connection that I now work in the building where my husband was born. In fact, I am sure that I had a meeting yesterday in the room where he was most likely delivered. Weird. Our agency took over the county hospital, and converted the maternity ward into the department I now work in.
  •  Mollie has totally abandoned both Keith and me for her new love: lizards. She won’t come in at night, her eyes are all glazed over, we can’t get through to her. She’s totally gone. We’ve lost our baby.

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  1. mclargehuge / Sep 28 2006 2:16 am

    can’t wait to see you kate!!

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