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September 22, 2006 / Kate

Tiny Town: where the little people live

The interesting thing about living in Tiny Town is that you start seeing people you know everywhere pretty quickly. I run into coworkers at the market, carwash, bank, and at red lights. “Hey! I got your message!” they will scream from their car windows, “I talked to Cindy about it and she’s on board!” Green light.

This can be a nice feature of small town life, everyone is friendly and so forth, but it can be cumbersome. When you to pee, for example. Or get to an important meeting.

You also see your clients everywhere, which is awkward and weird. I never know what to say to them when I run into them because of confidentiality reasons. I usually try to pretend I didn’t see them and look the other way.

So married life? It’s pretty awesome. I’m digging it. We go to work, come home, make a big mess and cook something good in our beautiful kitchen, and settle in together. We’ve been watching LOST, Season Two these days, all cuddled up with Mollie on the couch.  I’ve been baking a lot, breaking in all those wedding gifts.

This post is newsy and boring. The end.


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