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August 27, 2006 / Kate

And lo, they did bequeath themselves unto one another in a very real and legally binding sense. And there was much feasting on the lambs and the sloths and the fruit bats and the african peanut bisques and there was much rejoicing.

The people did hop and bop to the nifty beat as the wine did flow in a heavenly manner.
The booty dancing did commence thereunto and there were many hilarious moments that will be retold unto the generations.

And it was good.



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  1. jessmonster / Aug 28 2006 2:44 am

    Don’t forget the breakfast cereals…

  2. Pete / Aug 30 2006 4:36 pm

    Congrats!!!! May you spend many many years annoying each other. 🙂

  3. jessmonster / Sep 6 2006 7:06 pm

    Oh, the hopping and bopping to the nifty beat…I won’t forget that soon.

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