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August 15, 2006 / Kate

Clean Exit/Kleenex It

I was about to apologize for the sparse posting, but really, I am not sorry. I have enough to worry about right now without feeling guilty for not entertaining your sorry asses.

Hrm. I literally have no time to poop. Literally. This morning, I had a telephone job interview. I don’t really like to interview over the phone because I can’t put my best foot forward when I am asking the interviewing panel to repeat themselves because I couldn’t hear the question. Then my question echoes back to me through my crappy cell phone and the interviewers try again, but it sounds like they are in a wind tunnel or the Grand Canyon or some other such place as that.

I was waiting for the call, sipping my coffee, and attempting to mentally prepare myself for the interview, when I felt that certain special gurgling that lets us know our coffee has kicked in. It was 9:18, and they were supposed to have called at 9:15. I had to act fast. I hopped up, and took my phone with me to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants, and, you guessed it, the phone rang. I yanked up my pants, dashed back into my room and answered, breathless.

I think that The Knot Dot Com, full of fabulous pre-wedding checklists should make up a checklist like this:

One Week Before Wedding, Make Sure You Have the Following:

1) Absessed, infected, festering wisdom tooth

2) Fever of 101 degrees Ferenheit

3) Adorable lisp as a result of item #1

4) Searing pain

5) Swelling. Lots of swelling.

6) Several term papers due in two days. One of them a fifteen pager

I took my last class at PSU over the weekend, and the instructor was an attorney that spoke to us as if we were the jury, all wild and dramatic. It was very entertaining, especially because his left set of eyelashes were completely white and he looked kind of freaky when he took of his glasses and closed his eyes to drive his point home.


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  1. annie / Aug 16 2006 4:29 pm

    you can do it katy. only one more week…then you get to relax. *hug*
    i would hope, however, that you’ll continue to entertain my sorry ass AFTER you’ve moved into your new home. ’cause…my life wouldn’t be the same without it.

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