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May 26, 2006 / Kate


1) It’s about time they invented closed captioning for the weak minded. Instead of a caption like, “glasses clinking” or “soft laughter” the caption would read, “This is a dream the character is having, it’s not real” or “He doesn’t realize his shirt is caught in the car door. It’s supposed to be funny”. Sometimes when I am watching a movie and I get lost, my first instinct is to turn on the subtitles. There should be an option to turn on the Idiot Titles.

2) The two three-year-olds I take care of like to mimic each other like parrots, only sometimes they don’t hear correctly. Today Bryna told me, “I don’t like you when you don’t behave” and Katie said, “I don’t like you when you don’t eat on the hay!” She said this with a strange look on her face, and I could tell it didn’t sound right to her.

3) I watched Brokeback last night, finally. And I cried.

4) I got my oil changed today and the date printed on my little reminder sticker is 8/24/06. As if I don’t have enough things to do that day! I will have to squeeze it in somewhere between getting my wedding hair and makeup done. Maybe I’ll just show up at Jiffy Lube in my gown on the way to the ceremony.



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  1. Annika Raaen / May 26 2006 4:57 pm

    1. i like that idea. i can’t think for myself, ever.

    2. haha!

    3. i still have to see that.

    4. haha! there’s meaning there…like, getting your oil changed signifies the start of something new. the universe blesses your nuptials. you should feel spayshul

  2. jess / May 30 2006 10:19 am

    “It’s supposed to be funny.”

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