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May 21, 2006 / Kate

A Man in a Cowboy Suit

Yesterday Jess and Beth and I went to breakfast and were served undercooked scones. Ever since, I have been craving scone and decided to take a crack at them this afternoon. I logged on to Epicurious, where I am currently spending entirely too much of my young and healthy years, and found a recipe.

I like to read the reviews for a recipe I am about to try, not because I think the people have anything useful to say, but because it is usually entertaining. There is always someone who screwed up somewhere along the line and blames the recipe for the disaster. These people are angry. They are also terrible spellers. They say things like,

“I would rather die than make these wretched scones again. Maybe if you smeared a pound of buter on them they would be O.k. but right now they are the vilest among scones and don’t deserve to be on this website”

Then there is the Mom Who Doesn’t Get Out Much and is Starved for Human Interaction. Her recipe reviews tend to reveal way to much about her life and not a whole lot about the actual recipe. She says things like this:

“I absolutely LOVED these SCONES!!! I made them for our anniversary dinner and my husband ate three or four of them, even though he forgot to get me flowers! My older son Bernard is going through a phase right now where he says he hates everything, but I think he secretly liked them too :). Sarah was away at a friend’s house, so she tried them the next day when they were a little past their prime! I really recommend them!”

Sometimes people actually get into fights in the recipe review sections over politics or perceived ethnic insensitivities. “I spent three whole months in Berlin, and how DARE you say that this Strudel is not authentic!”

After making them myself, my review goes a little like this:

Meh, whatever. They are kinda more bready than sconey. Maybe a pound of buter smeared on them will help.



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  1. jess / May 21 2006 6:56 pm

    I’m glad that we are united in our shared love of reading recipe reviews for entertainment.

  2. Robin / May 21 2006 7:11 pm

    I, too, love the Epicurious recipe reviews, especially when they get ugly.

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