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April 30, 2006 / Kate

I’m averting my eyes oh Lord!

If you are not a fan of sap, this post is not for you. Today is the birthday of the greatest man on earth. Keith is 27 years old today. If I could write a sonnet to Keith, I would. But everyone knows that I am not a sonnet kind of girl.

I will just say that when Keith appeared that glorious day in the wine aisle at Trader Joe’s, I recognized him from my future.

Not really. The director of Pride and Prejudice (the one with Pouty Knightly) said this in the commentary and it made Jess and me giggle and vomit respectively).

I guess I mean to say that my life today would be less satisfying today if Keith were not in it. It’s kind of hard to even imagine how my life would be different had we not met, and I am so glad that we have embarked on this path to my ex-communication together. Keith is the only man that is worth marrying despite the wrath of my mother and the church.

Happy Birthday Mister, we have a lifetime of birthdays ahead of us to celebrate.


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