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March 20, 2006 / Kate

Bag this

Oh HI there! No, I’m fine, just been busy, is all. You see, I get into these projects sometimes, and they turn me into a manic freak until I am done with them. For a while it was the earrings, then it was sewing hideous dresses and somewhat better looking handbags. Now I have moved on to sewing handbags out of vinyl. That’s right my friends. Watch out Queen Bee* there’s a new bag lady in town.

Oh, and finals. Been studying for final exams. And taking them.

And sending out wedding invitations. We had a leetle addressing party last night, which was fun, if a bit confusing. We got it all sorted out, and the invites are happily soaring to their destinations as we speak.

Mollie helped too.

*Your Highness, if you are reading this, I mean no disrespect. I love you, I want to own all of your merchandise.


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