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March 8, 2006 / Kate


Jess and I had a conversation the other day about Lent and fasting and why we put ourselves through it every year. In this country where everything is microwaveable and drive-through able, the concept of fasting and physical hardships is pretty foreign.

Some people feel that they have to “give up” something for Lent because they are giving back to Jesus for his sacrifice for us. Or they are doing it for God somehow. That’s ridiculous. God doesn’t need us to do anything for Him. He’s good. He doesn’t care whether or not we blog or eat chocolate. We sacrifice things during Lent for us. We do it for our own spiritual benefit.

So yeah, I’m fasting, and I love it and I hate it, and my intestines are very angry with me at the moment.

The walls in the women’s bathrooms here at school are papered with flyers for “Get a photo taken of your aura” It costs 7 bucks. It must be worth the money. What do you do with a photo of your aura? Stick it on your fridge? Post it to Flickr? Put it on your Christmas card?

My counseling class is using possibly the worst textbook I have ever had to suffer through. The author has also published some awful poetry, and he begins each chapter with a selection from one of his several poetry books. He writes his poetry about his experiences as a counselor. He uses phrases like, “My role as a healing man” and “making breezes as I bobbingly pass” and “a child with a large cowlick”



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  1. vasisthadas / Mar 10 2006 6:03 am

    I gave up temperence for Lent. I gave it up for God.

  2. Lunasea / Mar 20 2006 9:27 pm

    :::Snort::: I make breeze as I bobbingly pass if I eat too many burritos.

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