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March 3, 2006 / Kate

You know he’s the one when he saves your dog

Four things:

1) I got a call from the Gestapo today telling me that Mollie is not allowed to stay. I was flustered and tried to question his logic in allowing our neighbor to fuck up his apartment with his chain-smoking and general grossness, but not allow my very well behaved and clean dog to live in our clean and well-taken care of apartment. He wouldn’t back down.

I called Keith at work, crying (I am not a cryer, usually, I don’t know what came over me) and told him all about it. He was so sweet and kind and listened, even though I could tell he was busy and shouldn’t be talking on the phone. He asked me in a very take charge/provider/protector tone to give me the landlord’s number. I swear his voice got deeper. I gave it to him, and he said he would call me right back.

I have the most fantastic husband-to-be in the world. He somehow got the landlord to agree to come over and meet Mollie and reconsider.

The landlord just left, having been charmed by her adorableness, and she gets to stay! Kefir all around!

2) I watched Mad Hot Ballroom last night. It possesses cuteness in lethal doses. Rent it. You might die.

3) There was a woman walking down the street today who stopped in front of one of the houses and proceeded to rip out a branch from the bushes, do a little jig whilst hitting herself in the legs with said branch, drop it, and repeat the whole process. This literally happened over and over until the yard was covered with branches.

4) I took the girls I babysit to the park today. As we passed a tree stump, one of them asked why the tree had been cut down. I said I didn’t know. She replied, “George Bush cuts down a lot of trees. Yeah, he’s not very smart”



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  1. Annika Raaen / Mar 3 2006 6:52 pm

    your landlord is a pussy

  2. Jess / Mar 4 2006 8:15 pm

    1. Yay Keith! (I can just imagine what he sounded like.)
    2. I like that I found out about Mollie staying via your BLOG. When we live together.
    3. Mad Hot Ballroom made me want to be a kid, and to dance, and to cry – but not do all three simultaneously.

  3. pete / Mar 5 2006 10:12 am

    YAY!!! Mollie can stay!!!!!!

  4. Annika Raaen / Mar 7 2006 9:44 am

    oh, yeah. mad hot ballroom makes me have faith in the human race.

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