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February 21, 2006 / Kate

Something else to be obsessed about

Do not, I repeat, do not use Almond Oil as your moisturizer of choice and then immediately begin styling your hair with your oily hands. The results will make you look as if you are perfecting the Hobo Derelict MK+Ash Olsen look, and you will have nowhere to turn. Needless to say, this is a Hat Day.

In preparation for my destiny as a Farmer’s Wife, I have been experimenting with making Kefir and Yoghurt (yog-hurt) from raw milk. I received Nourishing Traditions* for my birthday and am going a little nuts with the lacto-fermentation of my dairy. We soaked our oatmeal last night. I will be soaking all of my food from now on, I don’t care what it is. Cold cereal, pop-tarts, donuts, you name it.

I am sitting in my “Nutrition for Health” class as I type this, ironically. All this low calorie and low fat talk is making me sick. I want to stand up and scream that truth can be found in Whole Foods! (Not the store, but actual whole foods. Although Whole Foods, the store is really nice) But I won’t. Not today, anyway, they won’t take me seriously with the greasy hair under the winter hat.

Lately I have been reading these wedding planning type books that are full of nonsense mostly (put kazoos on the tables for the kids! Or! Hire a clown!), with a nugget or two of helpful advice thrown in here and there. Every time I get to the section entitled “24 Hours to Go” or “Today is the Big Day” I get all choked up. I started weeping yesterday when reading advice about wearing a button down blouse when getting hair and makeup done so that you don’t mess up your ‘do when changing clothes.

It is weird to think that this time next year, I will be someone’s wife. Not just any old someone, but the best someone of all.

*Yes, I have leaped onto the bandwagon. It has been an invigorating and healthy, if a bit lumpy ride so far. I like to call it Flourishing Nutritions, or Encouraging Fruition, rather than Nourishing Traditions for some reason.


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  1. keith / Feb 24 2006 12:58 pm

    Aahh. Very sweet of you. I am honored that you have chosen me for your special someone. I love you! -K.

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