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January 30, 2006 / Kate

Well dressed men in suits

Keith refuses to update his blog, so I am forced to narrate his life as well. He has a new job at a cool place in Anderson Valley (or is it Alexander Valley? I can never remember), and he is learning a lot more about wine. That is all great, except for the fact that he is far away, and I rely on him to crack my back and no one can do it like he does it and don’t suggest Jess because she doesn’t have what it takes.

He is all alone down there, and at least I have my friends to help me dance away my sorrows, so I should stop complaining, but that is what I do best.

The other day, one of Keith’s coworkers called in sick. He said he couldn’t come into work that day because several “well dressed men in suits” had “built a tree fort” on his property and were “watching” him with “night vision goggles”. This alarmed the supervisor, who sent someone over to check on him. Apparently he had a high fever, and decided to mix himself a cocktail of medicines that caused him to hallucinate.

Last night Jess and I had an impromptu dance party with Ben and Kitri. By the end of the night, Ben was wearing one of my tank tops and a pair of running shorts, and I was sloshed, talking extensively about Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. I even inexplicably bit a print of one of Rivera’s paintings.

The Cool Neighbors moved out, having had enough of the Psychopathic Neighbor. They moved out yesterday, and some Fresh Meat came and looked at the place today. They were so taken with the place that they ended up signing the lease there and then. Little do they know what lurks in the apartment below them.

Also, there seems to be a rooster that has taken up residence on our street. You can hear him, but you can’t see him. I have no idea where the crowing is coming from. Patrick, Mira, it looks like you guys got out just in time.


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  1. Jess / Jan 31 2006 1:01 pm

    It’s true, I think I’m the world’s worst back-cracker.

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