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December 7, 2005 / Kate

chicken hair

It is 1:30 in the afternoon and I am currently seated in my bed, sporting a hairstyle rivaling this guy’s.

This can only mean on thing. That finals are over.

Yesterday was a day that went down in profanity history. I don’t think the word ‘motherfucker’ has surfaced that many times in my daily vocabulary, well, ever.

It was a shitty motherfucking day. That’s all you really need to know.

It is a strange feeling to go from never being fully caught up to having absolutely nothing to do. I don’t know how to do this, what do you call? Resting?

The timing for Keith’s departure couldn’t be worse, either. Now that I actually have time to spend with him, he is moving to a different state. He is leaving sometime this weekend. He refuses to commit to an actual departure day. It could be Friday, or it could be Sunday.

Um, guys? Do you want to know a secret? I’m kind of tired of blogging. There. I said it.


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  1. G. D. Aiello / Dec 7 2005 2:11 pm

    tired of it today or forever?

  2. toni / Dec 7 2005 9:23 pm

    well, katy – i never blog anymore. but i just happened to check in today. and i’m happy to give you as much validation as you need on this topic. sometimes a girl just gets sick of blogging. and, you know what? it’s okay to take a break.

  3. Anonymous / Dec 8 2005 1:44 pm

    tired of blogging, good give me a call and we can talk about deep powdery snow.


  4. jessenicholas / Dec 8 2005 2:12 pm

    Take a break. But don’t leave. we need you.

  5. keith / Dec 20 2005 11:38 pm

    that chicken is actually a “gal.”

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