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November 23, 2005 / Kate

A note to The Couch

I could say that I am grateful for my family and friends, or the wonderful man who has brought so much joy into my life, but this Thanksgiving I want to give mad props to the namesake of this here blog: the red couch.

Dear Red Couch,

I love you so much, in all your lumpy, comfy glory. This Thanksgiving, I will try extra hard not to spill turkey on your stain resistant fibers.

You see, I lived in Mexico for two years, as you may or may not know. People always think of Mexico as this warm, sunny place where you never have to wear a coat. Those people are lacking in knowledge, oh couch.

Depending on where you are, the weather does change and it isnt often pretty. In Baja California where I lived, there did exist a winter. That winter was cold. It was not as cold as Oregon winters, but here’s the thing: WE HAD NO HEAT. I lived in a place without heat. Also, you had to go outside to get from one room to another. It didnt matter anyway because it was as cold in our rooms as it was outside.

I once went for 2 weeks straight without taking my coat off. How did you shower? You ask. Thanks for asking. I didnt shower. The shower was outside too.

Anyhoo, you are probably wondering where my point is. Thanks for being patient. My friend Jesse and I used to have to get up early to take the kids to school ( I worked at an orphanage, you know). We would come home at around 7 AM and the ranch would be deserted. Jesse and I used to love watching the Today Show on the microscopic tv set in the kitchen at the ranch. If you jammed a fork in it in just the right place, you could just barely make out Katie Couric’s face, but we still sat enraptured.

Sometimes it was so cold, I would bring in my sleeping bag and lie on the kitchen counter to watch it. How often do you incorporate lying on a kitchen counter, watching morning television in your sleeping bag into your life? Not that often my friend.

So ANYWAY, I remember that one of the hardest things for me to deal with while I was there was the fact that there was no place to curl up and get really cozy and warm. There was no place that was clean and quiet to rest. A simple little thing like that can really start to take a toll on a person after a while. I remember dreaming about it, remembering what it was like to curl up by a fire on a warm, toasty couch, much like yourself.

I took a long time to say it, but I just really want you to know how much your cushy and beautifully red presence brings into my life. Thanks for always being there after a long day.




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