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November 23, 2005 / Kate


1) I am sick. Again. I feel as though there are two very cute, but annoying toddlers giving my lungs a tight hug. The little brats won’t let go.

2) The cleaning supply place next door is painting their building. That means we have potty mouthed painters dropping ladders and cracking jokes right outside our windows. I don’t think they realize how close they really are to us. Its like they are right in our living room. One of them just said, “You know when you half ass something? You do a fucking patch up job on something and call it good? I just fuckin’ did that”. Excellent. I’ll be letting your employer know.

3) The toddlers are squeezing harder. Go watch this. I particularly like the recording of LBJ talking about his butthole.



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  1. Jess / Nov 23 2005 6:25 pm

    Fix your link, girl.

    The worst part about the painters is that they’re invading the two feet of space between my window and the wall next door with their uncouthness.

  2. Annika Raaen / Nov 23 2005 6:56 pm

    i would defo feel violated if painters were that close to me with their goddamn potty mouths.

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