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November 22, 2005 / Kate


Originally uploaded by Miss Lane.

I’ve decided to start posting Flickr photos I like. Here’s one.



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  1. Annika Raaen / Nov 22 2005 2:07 pm

    can you come bring me my chapstick?

  2. vasisthadas / Nov 22 2005 6:23 pm

    Pedro lacks leadership experience!

  3. jessenicholas / Nov 22 2005 8:33 pm

    I seem to have lost all other means of contacting you so I’ll use this. I waited on an obviously wealthy family tonight. 3 of them were asking for a chardonnay recommendation. Since Cakebread is all the rage out here I suggested it and they laughed. When I asked what the joke was they informed me that they were familiar with Cakebread because they had designed their vineyards. I asked the man for his contact info because I knew Keith had some property. Does he want to do a vineyard there? Anyway the man totally forgot to give me his card. So I guess this whole email is pointless. But he did say it’s all about the sun. (but i feel like Keith already knows that.)

  4. Kate / Nov 22 2005 9:55 pm

    It is all about the sun.
    That’s a very interesting story.
    You dont have my email address anymore?

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